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Drive & Donate Campaign Leads to Relationship and Donation to the Football for the World Foundat

Earlier this year, the Football for the World Foundation (“FFWF”) started a Drive & Donate campaign in attempt to obtain football/soccer equipment for disadvantaged children in Omaha. Seeming like a great cause, Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC (“MASA”) reached out to FFWF’s leadership team to find out how MASA could help. Throughout that process, MASA learned more and more about FFWF, their programs, and their goals. Seeing all the great work they were doing, MASA decided to make the following contributions to not only support their Drive & Donate campaign, but also their future endeavors:

Equipment Donations

  • A $10,000 donation to FFWF so they can obtain and donate various football equipment (i.e. footballs, cleats, etc.) to disadvantaged children in the Omaha metro area.

After School Program

  • 4 Pugg Popup Goals

  • 36 Size 5 Balls

  • 6 Cones

  • 6 Whistles

  • 6 Coaching Whiteboards

  • 65 Training Bibs