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Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC ("MASA") Helps Revamp Jesuit Academy's Spor

Two weeks ago, Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC (“MASA”) surprised the Jesuit Academy with a contribution to help revamp their athletic program. With the Jesuit Academy looking to bolster a couple of their existing programs and start a couple others, MASA donated the following items to help with that endeavor:

Basketball Program

  • 75 jerseys

  • 75 pairs of gym shoes

  • 75 basketballs

  • Basketball registration

  • Equipment replacement

  • Referee fees for games

  • Coaches compensation

  • Transportation

  • Miscellaneous/snacks

Track & Field Program

  • 30 jerseys

  • 30 track shoes

  • Track & field registration fee for PAL

  • Coaches fees

  • Equipment/cones

  • Transportation

Camp 2.0

  • Capture the flag supplies

  • Air hockey table

  • Ping pong table

  • Dodgeball supplies