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Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC ("MASA") Solves Omaha Talons' Transportation

Back on December 29, 2017, MASA donated $30,000 to the Omaha Talons, which is an organization that strives to provide local Omaha youth, including South Sudanese immigrants and refugees, with mentorship and community support in a safe and positive environment through participation in activities such as basketball. Thanks to MASA’s donation, which was aimed at helping the Talons acquire a safe mode of transportation to get kids safely to their activities, the Talons were ultimately able to partner with another local organization to provide a ride-share service that safely transports participants to their Talon events. MASA hopes its contribution will foster participation in this important organization that aims to educate and support underserved Omaha youth.

To find out more about the Talons or make a contribution, please contact their Director, Koang Doluony (, or visit their website (

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