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Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC (“MASA”) Teams Up with Local Youth Baseball Team to Create

This spring, Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC (“MASA”) will be teaming up with the North Side Athletics’ youth baseball team in attempt to provide them with the same experiences and opportunities that other select youth baseball teams have across the Omaha metro area. As society continues to encourage kids to specialize in sports at younger and younger ages, the costs associated with this specialization continues to rise. In order to stay competitive, kids and their families are being required to spend more and more, eliminating some families from the experience all together.

This is why MASA will be donating the following items to ensure the kids on North Side Athletics’ youth baseball team can continue to participate in and excel in a select baseball experience, just like their other Omaha metro area counterparts:

  • All USSSA fees, insurance, and registration expenses for the 2020 season

  • Funding for 2 local tournaments;

  • Funding for 1 non-local tournament;

  • Umpire fees;

  • 2 sets of catchers equipment;

  • 6 dozen baseballs;

  • 1 team banner;

  • Additional practice equipment;

  • Funds for renting fields for games;

  • Funds for field upkeep (i.e. chalk, gas, etc.);

  • Essential items for games (i.e. scorebook, etc.);

  • Coaches uniforms; and

  • All coaches fees

MASA looks forward to North Side Athletics’ 2020 season and is thrilled to be able to foster their love of baseball. Go, Vikings!

North Side Athletics is a select youth baseball team located in north Omaha designed to provide kids with a select baseball experience at a reasonable cost. Participating families are required to help with costs by fundraising and obtaining local sponsors, creating additional life skills and community involvement beyond just baseball. To find out more about joining the North Side Athletics’ baseball team or to find out how you can contribute to their efforts, please contact David O’Neil at (402) 281-5800 or

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