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Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC (“MASA”) Supports Omaha Starlings to Ensure Future Stabili

Last month, Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC (“MASA”) teamed up with another youth sports program in Omaha, the Omaha Starlings, in an effort to further our mission of supporting youth sports in the Omaha/Metro Area. MASA contributed one full scholarship per team (8 teams total) and one Starlings national entry fee (4 teams total) for five years. MASA hopes that this contribution will provide the wonderful coaches and staff at the Omaha Starlings with the comfort that any girl that wants to participate in their program will not be turned away due to a lack of resources.

The Omaha Starlings are a non-profit girls volleyball program in north Omaha, and their mission is to positively impact the lives of at-risk youth through the sport of volleyball. They provide girls with the opportunity to play club volleyball for little to no cost, an experience most of these girls would not be able to participate in but for the Omaha Starlings. To find out more about the Omaha Starlings or make a contribution, please contact their Director, Shannon Walker (, or visit their website (

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