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Midwest Athletics and Sports Alliance LLC Teams Up with the PGA REACH of Nebraska to Bring Golf to O

Midwest Athletics and Sport Alliance LLC ("MASA") is excited to announce that it has teamed up with the PGA REACH of Nebraska to help make the game of golf more accessible to Omaha/Metro Area kids. MASA will be matching up to 10 SNAG Kits the PGA REACH of Nebraska is able to obtain through donations and fundraising. SNAG Golf is a program designed to effectively teach the game of golf to people of all ages and ability levels. The kits will be used by PGA pro-trained physical education teachers at elementary schools around town.

Each SNAG Kit includes the following items:

  • 2 Coaching Kit Bags

  • 14 Blue Launchers

  • 14 Green Launchers

  • 14 Red Launchers

  • 8 Blue Rollers

  • 8 Green Rollers

  • 8 Red Rollers

  • 12 Launch Pads

  • 200 SNAG Balls

  • 4 Rolleramas

  • 2 Bullseyes

  • 4 Flagstickys

  • 4 SNAGazoos

  • 4 Snappers

  • 4 SNAG-O-Matics

  • 4 Roller Brushes

  • 16 Small Hoop Clocks

Golf is such a great, life-long sport and MASA is excited to be able to help bring it to more kids around Omaha! For more information about SNAG or how you can contribute, please contact Bob Danenhaur ( at the PGA REACH of Nebraska.

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